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Archbishop Gilmartin and the Emerging Irish Free State (Castlebar Library)

Date(s): Wednesday 23rd January, 2008 8:00 p.m.

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Mayo County Library are pleased to welcome Fr. Kieran Waldron to present a lecture on Archbishop Gilmartin and the Emerging Irish free State. Fr.Waldron, Parish Priest of Killererin, Tuam, has been for many years writing on historical matters relating to the Archdiocese of Tuam. He is the author of two books, Out of the Shadows:Emerging Secondary Schools in the Archdiocese of Tuam, 1940-69, published in 2002 and The Archdiocese of Tuam: An Illustrated History, published in 2005.

His forthcoming book, Pastors In Their Time, Tuam's Catholic Archbishops, 1700-2000, covers the lives of sixteen archbishops who have served from the days before Catholic Emancipation to the present day. His lecture in Castlebar Library will feature one of the sixteen archbishops  whose lives he has studied, Archbishop T.P. Gilmartin (1918-39).

Dr Thomas P. Gilmartin was born at Rhinsinna, Moneen, Castlebar in 1861, was educated at Killeen, Errew Monastery School and later at St Jarleth's College, Tuam. He was appointed Archbishop of Tuam in 1918 and did much valuable work in the diocese, becoming deeply involved in the stirring controversies of the time including the War of independence and the Civil War .Fr. Waldron research has lead him to discover much new material on the character of Archbishop Gilmartin and the impact he had on these events.

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