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Emile Exhibition: EMigrant LEtters & stories Exhibition (Ballina Library)

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Date(s): 21st May 2007-31st July 2007 

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Phone: 096 70833


EMILE, early EMigrant LEtter stories was a project about the importance of the emigrant letters as a historical resource. The project focused on emigrant letters, written by emigrants to America, to people left behind in the old countries. These letters are a vital part of European common history and can shed light on an era of great impact on both Europe and America. The project was made up of 5 participating countries, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Poland and Sweden working together. The participants have together produced touring exhibitions, a catalogue and a website

One of the touring exhibitions is now on display Ballina Library. Running until the end of May it is a fascinating look at emigrants thoughts and experiences on why the had to emigrate, what they thought of their new home, who were their new friends, what new traditions they learned, as well as an insight into work and working conditions, politics, economy, women’s lives, weather, nature and harvests and disappointments they met along the way.

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