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Summer Reading Programme (Castlebar Library)

Date(s): July 2011 

For More Information, Contact:

Phone: +(353)949047936/39


Children are encouraged to read six books of their choice during the month of July and at the end of the month they will receive a Certificate of Completion.  As part of the programme the children will let us know what they have been reading and what was their favourite summer read and in the month of August a list of all their favourite titles will be on display in Castlebar Library.

The Summer Reading programme offers a great opportunity to foster a love of reading in your child, this is a priceless gift and one which will remain with them throughout their lives. In addition Summer Reading programmes can boost a child’s comprehension levels, and help them become more successful in the ensuing school year. Studies show that many children involved in a summer reading program gain significant vocabulary and self-disciplined learning skills during this time. Taking part in a Summer Reading Programme means that your child will not lose ground in terms of his/her reading ability if they are given the opportunity to practice their reading skills throughout the summer holidays.

And finally, and perhaps in these recessionary times most importantly, membership of the library is FREE to any child under the age of 18, so taking part in the Summer Reading program will cost you nothing and enrich your child’s life a hundred-fold!


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