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Launch of 'Healing Visions: First Aid for the Soul' by Kate Connon (Castlebar Library)

Date(s): Wed. 8th Dec., 2010 7:30 p.m.

For More Information, Contact:

Phone: +353949047925


Due to weather difficulties this event has been cancelled.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

In 2000 Kate Connon  moved from Belfast to Westport, Co Mayo where her mother and her mother’s mother were born. Kate discovered in the years leading up to 2000 that she was developing a healing gift, a mysterious gift that even today she does not fully comprehend. As a confirmed sceptic of things she could not see, touch or understand Kate initially rationalised that those visiting her for reflexology were imagining their experiences. She regularly fell back on her scepticism to explain increasingly unusual experiences.

In early 2000 that was all to change. A regular client, a successful business owner, attending Kate for support to deal with her stressful lifestyle had a vision of Jesus smiling at her. That day, disturbed by what she knew in the depths of her being was real, Kate had to finally decide whether to deny and abandon her gift or fully commit to it. That first vision in early 2000 shocked Kate and critically challenged her complacent views about Jesus and God.

Over the last 10 years Kate has worked with clients from India, America and Europe. Now her client’s visions are commonplace. On the 8th Dec Kate launches her book recounting some of these experiences, experiences full of the love and wisdom she has been privileged to be part of since that day.

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