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I'm not a complete computer novice, but I find your Mayo County Library website very hard to navigate. A direct link please to 'reserve a book' please??!! Ireland (Mayo) 10/04/2017 16:14:49
I am researching the family of Thomas Padden, born 1827 in Belmullet, who married Margaret Geraghty, and Thomas died around 1894 in Belmullet. He had a number of children: Saly, Thomas, Catherine, Mary and Michael. My grandfather, Thomas Jr born in 1860, married Margaret Holmes of Belmullet in 1882 and emigrated to Pennsylvania around 1887. They lived in Plains, PA had had a number of children: William, Thomas, Joseph, Aloysius, Margaret, Josephine, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Michael, Ann, and adopted 3 more:Charles, William and Helen. Does any of this sound famliar to anyone? I would appreciate you contacting me. Thanks so much! United States 07/04/2017 20:06:56
I just have to say that your 1838 interactive, overlay map is so awesome!! Especially how you can layer on filters and search a name with links to the sources. Someone really, really did a good job on that. Well done! Ireland (Mayo) 11/03/2016 17:09:48
Up to date know one has replied to my asking for information on my gr gr Grandparents Michael and Ann McGarry, plus their 7 children, John born 1854, James 1858, Michael1861, Catherine 1863, Mary 1870, Annie 1896, Annie was my grandmother.

But I am hoping someday through your guest book someone will get back to me.

I love reading what people have written, its a lovely web site

Thank you, Patricia.
Ireland (Mayo) 07/01/2016 09:12:16
In July 2012, I purchased "The Famine in Mayo: A Portrait from Contemporary Sources 1845-1850" at the bookstore in Westport. Two weeks ago, I read this heart-breaking account of what occurred. I had thought I was well-acquainted with the event, but this edition put into sharp focus the stark reality of that time. I commend Mr. Hamrock and all others involved in this project. Ireland (Mayo) 16/06/2015 19:51:07
I am researching my family history can anyone help with any information. My G G Grandfather Edward Murphy born circa 1820-1825 was a farmer in County Mayo. He had a son called John born 1845 and a son called Edward in 1850. Edward is my Great grandfather who emigrated to England with John about 1870, they settled in Leeds in West Yorkshire.

If any body could give me any help as to finding any information it would be a great help.

Thank you to anybody spending the time to read this.

Kind regards

Mrs Sandrea Rowling
Ireland (Mayo) 12/05/2015 21:44:13
I am trying to trace relations of my great great grandfather Michael McGarry born1829 in County Mayo, he was married to Ann, they had 6 children 2 born in Ireland. Look forward to hearing from any one who can help.

Regards Patricia
Ireland (Mayo) 09/05/2015 19:22:00
My Melvin family originate from Ballina. My great, great grandafther was John Melvin who was born in Birmingham, but whose father Peter emigrated from Mayo. My great uncle was Sir Martin Melvin who owned the Universe newspaper. I am interested in the origin of the Melvin name and whi it's so populous in Ballina.

Ireland (Mayo) 19/03/2015 14:30:39
Hello there, i'm tryimg to trace the Melvin family who lived in Ballindine, Mayo. My great,Grandfather, Thomas was born in 1861 & left Ireland sometime before 1880 as he was living in Lancashire & listed on the 1881 Census. His marriage cert says his father was John Melvin, a deceased former labourer. If anyone could help,with any info at all which may help in my search i would be very greatful to hear from you. Thanks Diane. Ireland (Mayo) 20/02/2015 23:38:46
Looking for information on James Coghlan of possibly Cregganbell in the Ballyheane area. Reports say he owned a town and had five daughters. Split the land between the five daughters (Hearsay) One daughter Ellen married a Patrick Flanagan, he passed on and she married his brother Thomas (ca 1863). They had a son Patrick born 1865 and died 1876. Daughter Mary born 1869 died 1953 or 1956 in Parkboy Ballyheane area; married Patrick Murphy of Keelogues.. . Other Coghlan daughters married King, (2)Brown and Costello .. Looking for parents of Patrick/Thomas Flanagan .. United States 23/09/2014 00:42:59
I am trying to find out information about my grandmother and her sibling. The name was Delia McHale and Margaret McHale. They were from County Mayo and they were born about 1900 or 1899. They both came to New York sometime in their late teens early twenties. Ireland (Mayo) 09/06/2014 16:23:40
I live a long distance from my nearest local library but have turned up a number of times to find the library closed with no notice posted on the doors or on their website. This usually happens around the Holidays with the smaller libraries. This is a very poor and unprofessional service and when I have phoned Castlebar,it's usually news to the staff. This has happened more regularly over the past two years. Ireland (Mayo) 26/04/2014 21:10:27
I am researching my gg grandfather, John Darcy. According to John Darcy’s (Dorsey in U.S.) tombstone, he was born about 1811 in Ballinrobe, County Mayo, Ireland. He married before leaving Ireland (around 1841-42) and his first wife’s name may have been Anna. His first son was born around 1840 in Ireland and was named Patrick Peter Darcy. John, his wife and Patrick left Ireland and sailed to Canada where they stayed for a while and John and Patrick then settled in Fulton, IL on the Mississippi River.

I would appreciate any assistance in locating data about his life/family in Ireland. Thanks in advance!
United States 03/04/2014 06:21:49
A big shout out to all our friends in Mayo County Library. My wife Babs and I have visited Ireland numerous times in the past and always get a great reception in your library and from your pleasant, helpful staff. We have nearly the family tree finished thanks to the efforts of Ivor and Alen. Ivor stocks a great selection of local publications in which I could (and do) spend many hours reading them. We have visited many institutions and libraries in different countries but we think your library is the best. Hope to see you all in July. Bye and thank you.

Martin & Barbara Connelly

United States 06/05/2013 16:32:46
Sir Rowland Bourke (1740 - )

is your 6th great grandfather

Sir Charles (IRISH PRIEST)11th Earl of Mayo Bourke (1765 - 1820)

Son of Sir Rowland

Rowland Burk/bourke (1790 - 1869)

Son of Sir Charles (IRISH PRIEST)11th Earl of Mayo

Elizabeth Burke (1818 - 1894)

Daughter of Rowland

George Washington Johnson (1846 - 1924)

Son of Elizabeth

Hattie Floy Johnson (1887 - 1969)

Daughter of George Washington

Chester Ryan (1912 - 1991)

Son of Hattie Floy

linda sue ryan (1953 - 1995)

Daughter of Chester

HRH Prince Robert Clyde Justice OF Isle of Man ,EARL OF MAYO ,D.N.A tested Proven in 1986

You are the son of linda sue - (not you?) NOT MUCH KNOWN ABOUT ROWLAND MY 6th ggf CHARLES HOWEVER is no. 22 and was EARL of mayo WOULD UO HAVE ANTHANG ON ROWLAND BURKE WHO WAS MARRID TO MARY CORMICK would like to no if i got the dates right on them you can email me back might not get it but you can try thank very much
Ireland (Mayo) 15/01/2013 05:40:07
Hi again, I have abit of news to share. I am researching my Great Grand Uncle, a MacDougal who married a Maire Bredican in Swinford Church.I was in contact with a distant cousin from Clare Island who told me that there was some all mighty row between the MacDougals and the Bredicans way back in the 1800's on the day they married and spilled outside the church.Arrests were made and it was reported in the local press. I was delighted to see that your library holds the newspapers from this period. I'll be visiting to see can I get to the bottom of this and whether the feud was ever resolved. Thanks.

J.Robert MacDougal,Boston,USA
United States 21/11/2012 14:32:56
Looking for my Great uncle, (Kiltimagh area) John Kelly-born around 1905 and he emigrated to the USA (Chicago probably) around 1925-1930, as did many of his siblings (Mary, Anne, Patrick, Bridget, Martin and Thomas).

Different information has been given as to whether he and his wife (name unknown) had children that survived or not-one story is that they had a disabled daughter who died young, another story is that they had "kids" (ie more than one) that served in the Chicago police department-any info gratefully received. Their parents were James Kelly (Canbrack) and Bridget Connell.
Ireland (Mayo) 29/10/2012 22:29:10
Looking for McGarry & related family in County Mayo.

If you're researching same, please contact me.

Michael McGarry and Mary Noon *3rd Great Grandparents

John Michael McGarry and Ann O'Donnell (d/o James O'Donnell and Mary Monihan) *2nd Great Grandparents Both born in Ireland, died in Mayfield, Lackawanna County,PA. Married 1870 Kiltane Parish, North Mayo. John living in townland of Aughoose at time of marriage. Witnesses Patrick McGarry & Maggy O'Donnell

Michael Francis McGarry b. Mayo ca 1874 d. Butte, MT 1941
Ireland (Mayo) 20/10/2012 16:51:55
I just found out my GG Grand Uncle was a MacDougal from Mayo. He sold onions and seaweed off the back of a donkey and travelled from town to town. I believe he married a Maire Bredican in Swinford Church and gave up his travelling life for her. That's where the story goes hazy - Our family lore tells us that she died during a terrible storm - the roof was blown off and she was never seen again.

He's supposed to have become a hermit, living on Croagh Patrick. We hope to visit your country next year in the fall to investigate and speak to your expert on families; Ivor Hanrick. Bye for now.
United States 03/10/2012 18:39:17
Hello, I am researching information regarding my Great Grandfather, John Moran. He was born in Castlebar about 12 Dec 1846. (I have also seen 1844 and 1845 for the years, as well). I don't know the townland that he was from and don't know how to find it. If anyone has any information I would appreciate it. Thank you.
USA 06/09/2012 05:33:03
I just found out my grandfather John Gill was Mary Kelly's brother. He later married Anne Cahill in the United States. Any further info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. Frances Gill
Ireland (Mayo) 05/08/2012 20:23:29
My grandfather was born in Kiltimagh,County Mayo on December 8, 1890. He had two sons in America my father, Thomas Patrick and John Jr. I am looking for any relatives in County Mayo. He left in 1914 for America and married Anne Cahill also from County Mayo they had lived 14 miles apart in Ireland. I am looking for any relatives or families related to me.

Ireland (Mayo) 05/08/2012 20:10:46
Wonderful site. I can't wait to begin more research from it. Do plan on being in County Mayo for a couple of weeks in October 2013. Thank you for all of your hard work. I will be in touch for help!
Ireland (Mayo) 03/08/2012 12:56:56
My ancestors are Patrick Matthew Hallinan and Mary Melvin who emigrated to USA in 1870-1880 to Dunsmore, Pensylvania. I am the grandson of Sarah Loretta Hallinan (Earlewine) from County Mayo. Do you have any information about their marriage or birth? Thank you, Brad Earlewine
Ireland (Mayo) 02/06/2012 23:47:27
I have been a loyal reader for sometime now, this is going to be my initial comment. I thought it was eventually time. Thanks 27/05/2012 08:59:23
Hi, Belmullet library is my local which I use a lot. Do you have any plans to introduce e-books, for kindle users? I think this service would be invaluable, and could generate more income for the library service. Thanks, Catherine.
Ireland 31/12/2011 17:11:47
hi hello my sister and myself are coming to kiltimgh next july and wold like to know if we have any family living there by the name of rouhgneen look forward to hearing from you
Ireland (Mayo) 28/12/2011 17:06:40
Are there any emigration records for the family name: Walsh in the Mayo Libary system ? My great grandfather, Michael Joseph Walsh was born in Mayo in 1834 and in the 1900 NY census is listed as having arrived in NY in 1857. He was Catholic and I know the Cathoic Emancipation Act only went into efect in 1829. Are there any accessible records ? Thank you for your attenton to this inquiry. Rev. Veronica Walsh Don
United States 12/12/2011 03:12:22
Is there any chance members could log in using their email address or an account name simbler than the barcode required. Well done on the eaudiobooks section, please keep expanding the titles available
Ireland (Mayo) 13/08/2011 09:08:37
i these days of reduced resources, could the library services consider the approach taken by the Linenhall where they ask that people who can pay more / make a donation do so. The annual FEE for the service we get is fantastic and i would be prepared to pay much more for this service. Make it a voluntary contribution without any publication
Ireland (Mayo) 03/08/2011 10:25:10
Hi can you make the indivudal web site address more accessable, I have being looking for Westportlibrary via google and no joy. Thank you.
Ireland (Mayo) 22/09/2010 15:51:19
Hi there, just wondering if you could give me any ideas on how to go about finding out about my Great Grandfather from Ballindine. His name was Martin Conroy - A Tailor (mentioned in the song about Ballindine), married to Winifred Diskin - according to the 1911 Census, he lived at no. 13 Ballindine which is now knocked. Was 46 at time of census and winifred 37. Two surviving children of 5. PAtrick my grandfather who was 5. And Mary Ann (9), who never married. He died in the 1950's. My grandfather had 4 children and there is presently only one male to carry on the conroy name. Trying to find out if there are any more of us out there.. Many thanks
Ireland (Outside Mayo) 26/08/2010 22:49:39
You are to be commended on the excellent genealogical service you provide. I have on a number of occasions contacted your County Library and compared to other libraries and museums, the standard of service, helpfulness and knowledge has been outstanding. Thanks to Ivor for his patience and to his staff; Alan and Mary.
Wales 19/05/2010 15:12:36
Great informative site, well done and continued success
Portugal 06/01/2010 12:05:10
I love Ballina Libary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Ireland (Mayo) 01/11/2009 12:33:44
I know this is short notice but....I'll be staying in Adare the 19th to the 26th of Oct. and would love to travel to Shrule (I believe) which has a "Burke" library...would love to "search out" any relatives: Burke, O'Neil, Prendergasts, Gallagher, Hannahan. Thank you so much for any info and/or resources I can use to drive from Adare to Shrule and to the library.

Thank you for your time. Fondly, Kathy (Burke) Bateman
Ireland (Mayo) 11/09/2009 02:19:14
Can you judge a town by its book shop or Library? probably not in Castlebars case, the library here is a raison d'etre for the entire town, not a bad selection of books, could do with less fiction and more material on social sciences and medicine, nice staff, one lady in particular who's empathy and professionalism is a cut above your average Civil Servant. She knows who she is.

Is mise le meas

Ed Staunton
Ireland (Mayo) 12/08/2009 18:26:54
The Library is a beautiful facility in the community of Castlebar.

It's a cool place - nice lighting and peaceful and the staff are wicked!

I'll be over again this Summer.
I visited your city library in Castlebar lately and I loved the place - good humoured,pleasant and informative staff who helped me a huge lot researching my family tree.My people came from Breaffy!

I love the airy feel to the place with a beautiful tree lined park nearby.I hope to return in the Fall so thanks once again to Ivan,alan and others!

United States

Nice site

I will return

great staff in claremorris & castlebar

I would however like a faster change around of mills & boon books as they are only light reading so change is good.

i would like to compliment you on the genealogy sevice avilable in castlebar which i used a lot for family research purpose.

thank you

Ireland (Mayo)
noramonaghan 20/05/2009
It's quite a number of years since I last visited your beautiful library in castlebar but I browse your website alot.You choose excellant books for your book club and the genealogical section is A1.

Best wishes to Dewey? King and all and I hope to visit in the Fall.
United States
The County Mayo Memorial and Peace Park, Castlebar, Ireland Dear Sir/Madam should this be included on your website as it is a valuable educationl/genealogical reference,a link to the website. The Mayo Memorial and Peace Park was opened by the President of Ireland Mary Mc Alesee on October the 7th 2008.It is a Memorial to all the Men and Women of County Mayo who have lost there life in conflict from the last century to the present day it especially remembers Irish Army Soldiers who have served and died in UN Operations
Ireland (Mayo)
I had difficulty with your web site of finding books from non-Mayo libraries. I found it eventually.
Ireland (Mayo) 20/05/2009
Hello. Me and a few other people are doing a project on Knock Shrine and would love any information possible...please help. Thank you.
Ireland (Outside Mayo) 14/04/2008 21:04:14
I am doing a debate in schd the topic is if the people of Ireland care for the environment or not, I am saying that they do and i would love your help and opinion.
Ireland (Mayo) 24/02/2008 22:13:05
Nice site .
Hungary 04/02/2008 13:56:16
Good site

Good luck the web designer. 27/01/2008 13:01:03
I have started using the library service again, I did not realise the resource I was missing, taking the books out and been able to renew over the phone is great. allows me look after my young son and study also - keep up the good work
Ireland (Mayo) 05/01/2008 12:40:49
I have just returned to New York after a very enjoyable break in my native Ballinrobe. I would like to compliment Ballinrobe Library on a wonderful night of carols on Sun before Christmas. Took my wife and three children there and it was most enjoyable. It really captivated the spirit of Christmas. The mulled wine went down a treat!!! Keep up the good work Mayo libraries.
United States 02/01/2008 16:13:01
Special and ongoing thanks to Pauline from the Achill branch, and to Ann and Ivor from the Castlebar Library during times when they've been filling in at the Achill branch. I'm a professor (in family studies) from the USA on sabbatical leave during the August 2007-July 2008 academic year. Your goodwill, sound advice, and help have enabled me to locate more resources during the few months than I had been able to do on my own during all of the previous several years put together. :-)) Am back in the USA for the holidays just now; looking forward to seeing you again in early February 2008!
United States 18/12/2007 01:32:10
I happened to be in Castlebar recently, when it was brought to my attention that singer Mick Flavin was launching the new music department that night.

I went expecting a short talk, a song or two and all done and dusted. How wrong I was. I had a brilliant night – Mick Flavin sang at least 12 songs, people got up dancing & sang a few songs, the great Michael Cummins compered and the library staff were excellent. I really enjoyed myself – Well done, Mayo County Library!

Ireland (Outside Mayo)
08/12/2007 13:08:09
I notice that the author Doreen Edwards is mentioned in the recommendations but what about the other novels by this author under her present pen name - Gwen Madoc.

Madoc has had six books published by Hodder & Stoughton and two books published by Severn House Publishers. I think these books deserve to be included in the recommendations also.
United Kingdom 12/11/2007 14:59:59
I have found your website of some interest and help in my research However, it would have been of greater help if some of your details could have been opened in the newer and expanding system of Mozilla Firefox and not limited to just the ones you have specified

Thank you

Michael McDonnell
Australia 12/11/2007 05:42:58
I have spent 12yrs researching my ancecstors. I belienve that both my great great grandparents came from Aghamore or Ballyhaunis. Great great grandfather was William,born about 1785 and great great grandmother was Margaret Cunniff born about 1811 They came to London in 1828 he as a widower she as a young 17yr old girl they married and had 11 children some baptised in the Chapel of the Spanish Embassy,most in Church Of Our Lady, Lisson Grove. Does anyone know anthing of William's first Kilroy family back in Ireland? God bless you if you do !!

Ireland (Mayo) 10/09/2007 12:55:03
I have had great difficulty in obtaining the book Famine in

Mayo by Ivor Hamrock. I live in London and none of the known bookstores can find it on their list. Even in thr bookshop in Killarney I tried to order it they too could not find it listed. When I try to click on the Buy this Book nothing happens. Can you help me?
Ireland (Mayo) 10/09/2007 09:52:30
Whilst staying with relatives in Mayo recently, I took my young son to the “Harry Potter” Launch Night Party in the County Library. A lot of work went into such an enjoyable night- the Library was beautifully transformed, with a great atmosphere and all the staff members dressed up for the occasion. Because it was taking place at a very late hour, I was a bit apprehensive in case my son would find it frightening but he loved every minute. From the moment we were met at the front door, we had so much fun. Face painting, games & plenty of goodies for all, I felt I should place my appreciation to all concerned, for a “night to remember”.
Ireland (Outside Mayo)
08/08/2007 17:55:12
Congrats on the new look of the library, was visiting recently and was very impressed. I was also very impressed with the wide selection of books you have. i will suggest however that it would be better if you got more biographys included into your selection
Ireland (Outside Mayo)
31/07/2007 16:01:01
Cool guestbook, interesting information... Keep it UP. excellent site i really like your stuff.
United States 25/07/2007 16:33:00
I hope to come back to beautiful Ireland many heart will always be there.

My maternal grandparents came from Ballaghadereen, County Mayo, in 1899 or early 1900's.....

Bridget (Delia) Coffey was from Ballinrumpa, and Peter Morrisroe was from Raherolus (both Parish of Kilmovee).

Would love to hear from any Morrisroes, Coffeys, Jordans, Regans, Byrnes still in Mayo or Roscommon.
United States 21/07/2007 13:25:06
I work on my family history.

Starts in Ireland, Cty Mayo.Swinford.

Mary Murtagh b. 1872 to Bridget and John Murtagh.

Left for American in 1895.

Looking for any relations. Heard of a cousin Bridget Jordan, cant find her.

Any help.

Thank you in advance.
Ireland (Mayo) 07/07/2007 04:59:55
Researching my Mayo ancestors, all of Islandeady parish, including Martin McTigue and Bridget Joyce (married March 2, 1840) and Patrick Lally and Winifred McGreevy (married March 23, 1846). Many of their grandchildren ended up in Chicago, including my grandfather.
Ireland (Mayo) 05/07/2007 14:29:53
Very informative site; looking for Brown's and Donnelly's from Castlebar area and the library has been very helpful
USA 08/05/2007 01:10:19
I have been most impressed with the efficiency of the Mayo Library Website which I have been using for about 6 months now. In addition when telephoning, particularly to Castlebar,the level of service has been outstanding and I have to single out Thomas Murtagh (hope I've spelled that correctly)for his professionalism and courtesy. A pity other state departments are not up to the same standard!
Ireland (Mayo) 05/05/2007 22:40:00
Love this site . The wynne collection is what i'm interested in looking at. The wynne family is my family.

Thank you

United States 01/05/2007 06:20:08
I am pleased to have found this resource online and expect to use it in the future for my family history research. I am still working my way through the information.

I am visiting Co Mayo, appropriately, in the month of May. I will be calling in to see your resources then. Meanwhile I will probably ring you to check on the need to book film or fiche readers.


Sandra Burge

in New Quay, Wales
Wales 27/04/2007 10:09:24
Not sure what to say. My grandfather Michael Joseph Gallagher was born the youngest of six children in Castlebar, Mayo. He left in 1872 to come to America.

I am not sure how to get into your library but maybe someone will recognize him?


Ireland (Mayo) 22/04/2007 01:32:11
class library,i come here every day to study!!!!!!!!
Ireland (Mayo) 18/04/2007 17:55:59
Enjoyed your web site and did some searching for my father's family. I recently begin my search for records of the Judge family and hopefully have found a lead through your site. Thanks for being there.
United States 05/04/2007 02:55:05
I visit Mayo regularly & the library in Castlebar is one of my favourite places.I hope to finish my family research soon (Cassidy's of Charlestown)and wish to thank Ivan and Alan for all their marvelleous help in putting all the pieces together & directing me to other places.Your Genealogical section is A1 - excellant and I'm also very impressed with your website.

See you soon!
United States
08/03/2007 13:37:09
Enjoyed your Mayo Maps on Line information. I had been a visitor to your library in May of 2000, and copied information from the Crimlin, Tawnyshane and Largan areas where my mom and dad were born in the early 1900's before immigrating to the U.S.A. This information has been very useful to my brother and I while we pieced together our McHale and McNicholas family trees. Hope you continue providing such valuable information on line. Have a great day!
Ireland (Mayo) 03/03/2007 00:22:35
I am currently student in Dublin.I find it very useful having an online catalogue which i can lodge onto in order to find out if the book,i need, is available to me when i return home.

very very handy!!!

Ireland (Mayo) 01/03/2007 11:51:47
Keep up the cracking work.

I visited when I was last home, in Barnagury, Aghamore.

United Kingdom 29/01/2007 14:30:41
Looking for family names in Mayo County. My family names are O'Hair and Hunt. One website site led to another and ended at this site.

United States 05/01/2007 19:09:31
Is it possible for any genealogy research in County Mayo.
United States 06/10/2006 01:36:53
Just stopped in to use the internet, but thoroughly enjoyed browsing. A bright and cheery place with very pleasant staff.

Thank you for the use of a computer for a few moments.
Ireland (Mayo) 05/10/2006 12:34:11
Will recommend ur site. Have a great time. Thanks a lot 04/10/2006 19:34:46
congrats to Megan Fergus and Ronan Corcoran from crossmolina on winning the bookmark competition for mayo .


we love going to the library

Ireland(Mayo) 04/10/2006 14:11:19
Mayo Library have put a huge & successful effort into the Michael Davitt Centenary.Well Done - I'm totally impressed with the Davitt online exhibition.Very professional.
27/09/2006 11:48:54
You have very much helped me with a source of the information. 23/09/2006 18:48:51
very good staff and nice people
Ireland(Mayo) 23/09/2006 13:46:30

I am researching into the Carabine family. I know that they are from Mayo. I think that James Carabine (b.1809) lived there and married Winifred McCail but then they moved to Bolton Lancs where they had John Carabine (b.1835).

I have more info so get in touch if this is of interest.

Thanks, Gemma
Ireland(Mayo) 17/09/2006 17:52:07
Your maps are an excellent resource. Do you have any other genealogical related resources on line?

Thank you.

Bob Cotter
United States 25/08/2006 21:06:34
Hey, great work on your website.
Hungary 24/08/2006 10:41:54
a great resource thanks for all your hard work
Hungary 22/08/2006 02:43:46
a user frendly site
Ireland(Mayo) 17/08/2006 10:40:48
The site's very professional! Keep up the good work!
Hungary 17/08/2006 00:43:49
The site's very professional!
Hungary 15/08/2006 00:43:58
this is a great library
Ireland(Mayo) 01/08/2006 15:24:14
This is brilliant!

Well done to all concerned.
Ireland(Mayo) 01/08/2006 14:58:06
You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it. 23/07/2006 06:14:02
so nice to be able to use the computer for free for a fortnight as a visiting student from France
France 21/07/2006 11:33:31
Excellent site, added to favorites!! 19/07/2006 14:02:21
i think your library is cool!! but on your web cud you

please put the time table on! thanks!
13/07/2006 16:43:29
I think the library is very well run except that you have to pay a joining charge
Ireland(Mayo) 13/07/2006 11:42:00
this is a EXELLANT website 4 everyone.
Ireland(Mayo) 08/07/2006 20:52:32
Hallo to all at the Castlebar Library,

glad to see you are going from strength to strength every year, will be sure to pop in for a visit the next time I am back in Ireland.

Kevin A. Ryan, Transylvania, Romania.
Romania 08/07/2006 19:13:12
Hi I dropped into your Library in Castlebar recently to see the Michael Davitt Exhibition.I was very impressed.Your staff at the main desk were also very helpful,providing me with various leaflets regarding other Davitt events taking place in Mayo.Well Done.
Ireland(Outside Mayo)
23/06/2006 17:02:15
Just to say a big "Thank You" to all in the Library - All the Mary's,Allen & Maura in the History Department, for all their kindness and help that they extended to my sister Rose & I,when we visited a month ago.It's a treasure trove and I could spend days browsing through all the books and items that are kept there.I found out more family information in one day,than I had in a year of research.Well done and as the movie says "I'll be back" (with my sister)!
22/06/2006 17:59:27
u have done a brilliant job on making the libary what it is today well done to everyone innvolved and to all the staff working at county libary.
Ireland(Mayo) 14/06/2006 16:12:15
Grandaughter of Mary Kelly, who was the sister of Thomas, Austin, John, Briget, and married to Walter Kemph Petersen of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Cousin Christine still lives on the family farm.

Thank you for sharing your wealth of information with me. My feet are in Rhode Island, USA but my heart is in Ireland.

Best to all,


daughter of Mary Rose (Kelly) Petersen Pretto
Ireland(Mayo) 06/06/2006 00:25:31
Wonderful site. Last physically visited your building in 2000. This is no substitute for that but is a great second.

Thank you from New Jersey (father born in Carrowreagh, Meelick.
United States 29/05/2006 20:17:56
I think it would be really good if u could get more darren shan books
Ireland(Mayo) 15/05/2006 21:11:50
put some good music in the cd pile
13/05/2006 19:15:30
Hello admin, nice site you have! 12/05/2006 11:44:14
Very much it was pleasant to me! It is good, when people put soul in the business! Many thanks... 12/05/2006 10:17:50
This is a wonderful wealth of information. Good Luck! 12/05/2006 06:40:19
Congratulations on you new service which was launched last night.
Ireland(Mayo) 11/05/2006 02:32:26
I think your Westport library is good but could you put some rock music in the cd section please

thank you
10/05/2006 20:04:49
Great service
10/05/2006 12:28:16
great place i love it!
Ireland(Mayo) 28/04/2006 11:53:20
Very Good
Ireland(Mayo) 28/04/2006 11:47:41
Hello, our Family comes from Mayo and you have a very good service, due to the work of the people that work for the people of Mayo,

Now I live in England and this leaves me homesick
England 21/04/2006 17:33:39
Nice site keep it up
Togo 20/03/2006 11:57:25
Hi,my wife & I visited your beautiful premises in Castlebar to do some family research.Hi to all the Connors out there! Your excellant staff provided us with ALOT of information to take home with us.Also, we got a map of Castlebar which was useful and directions of where to go to eat & visit.Good luck with the renovations and we'll please God,visit again in the Fall.
United States
24/02/2006 17:17:54
the library services is excellent and the staff are very helpful and the children's storytelling session is fantastic

keep up the good work
Ireland(Mayo) 22/02/2006 16:01:30
Great service offered by Ballina Library for Irish nationals. I hope this wonderful service continues. Good computer facilities too.

Ireland(Mayo) 22/02/2006 15:33:50
Hi! Very nice site! Thx!
U.S.A. 22/02/2006 07:18:45
I think the library is great but the book selection can be poor at times. You should have more copies of popular books.
Ireland(Mayo) 17/02/2006 20:33:44
I like the staff that work here in crossmolina but i think that we should have more time with the books!
Ireland(Mayo) 03/02/2006 22:46:46
Charming website. I stumbled across it while doing some genealogy research. All of my family is from Mayo as is most of my husband's family.

Doing research on the following Mayo lines:



Any help would always be appreciated.

Keep up the good work!
United States 02/02/2006 21:01:24
Lovely library and courteous staff in Swinford!

The use of your computer and Internet access was very much appreciated. I spent a few hours today composing and emailing meeting minutes for a civic organization in my hometown: New Castle, DE, USA.

I hope to pay your library system another visit or two during my stay.

Thanks again!

Marianne Colleran Caven
United States 25/01/2006 15:54:46
i think that geting a library n achill was da best!
18/01/2006 15:54:30
Cool site of course people! 14/01/2006 07:52:59

Good site. It would be desirable to return again and again!
United States 11/01/2006 15:56:12
Cool site of course people! 09/01/2006 05:36:07
This was such fun. I had to do some searching for a class I am taking for a Master's Degree in Library Science (on fiction lists,etc.) and came across your site. I really did have a good time on your "If you like...". It was also interesting to see if you have one of my favourite Canadian authors, Michael Ondaatje, and you have! It's lovely to see Canadian literature in other parts of the world.

I'm putting Mayo on my next trip to Ireland. (I've only been to Ireland once - 25 years ago, but I do want to go again.)

Keep up the great library work.
Ireland(Mayo) 07/01/2006 19:15:31
Thank you for the friendly service!
none 07/01/2006 15:27:19
if one person was there to help with the internet
none 06/01/2006 14:55:51
I found the website very useful,

It is a great service espically for people living abroad.
Ireland(Mayo) 19/12/2005 12:37:19
accessability and service is complimentary
25/11/2005 16:23:11
A very very nice site with helpful informations!. Congratulations for your web. 18/11/2005 15:28:16
good site and library
Ireland(Mayo) 18/11/2005 12:34:10
Ireland(Mayo) 15/11/2005 03:15:25
United States 15/11/2005 03:11:51
I think this website is mighty.I also think think this website is very intresting and I learnt alot too.i will suggest this website to all of my friends
02/11/2005 14:06:02
why don't you have more computers in the library
25/10/2005 19:25:25
I think this website is very good because children can do local studys on there area's....
25/10/2005 16:53:50
I like this website very much, and the reviews are very well done by the adults and children.
Ireland(Outside Mayo) 18/10/2005 22:27:36
Great website - very well organised. As a student of history currently trying to figure out dissertation topics, it's been a great help and one I will most likely be making use of in the future! Thanks, Anna-Marie
Ireland(Mayo) 11/10/2005 11:54:36
Your site is great. Nice layout, I´ll be back, BSP Gallery Bookshop old and rare books.
25/09/2005 14:02:34
this library is a nice little one it comes in handy when i need to look up the internet for colleges and courses and also to write up c.vs and to check my emails i quite like this library!!
Ireland(Mayo) 24/09/2005 13:52:02
Castlebar Library is a beautiful Library and has an excellant Genealogical Service.The Staff are most helpful and it's a delight to visit any time I'm in Castlebar.
16/08/2005 18:19:56
great lbrary and pc's at your swinford branch.
Ireland(Outside Mayo)
13/07/2005 17:10:47
Researching my Ryans from Mayo and stumbled onto your site. Thank you so much for a great resource like this. Enjoyed browsing your catalog from Spokane, Washington, USA

Ireland(Mayo) 30/06/2005 22:05:06
Thanks a lot for a nice good work! 22/06/2005 07:49:40
I am attempting to research some of my heritage if you could give me some suggestions it would be appreciated.

My Grandfather, James Clarke, was born Tooromrrn, town of Kiltamaugh , parish of Bohola on December 29, 1878. He was the son of Andrew Clarke and Mary Mulkeen.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you,

Ray Howe
United States 17/06/2005 17:25:06
It is a good place to visit in your spare time.
17/06/2005 15:55:42
My Father was born in Kiltimagh. I was wondering if I could join your library and access your electronic resources for the US. Thank you for your time.
Ireland(Mayo) 10/06/2005 18:49:29
Brilliant site.
Ireland(Mayo) 16/05/2005 20:33:41
I'm looking for any information on the McHale's of Ballygommon Keelogues.Richard McHale is listed in Griffiths Valuation of 1857.
Ireland(Mayo) 11/05/2005 08:27:54
My family relatives, parents are all from of Carabine - father Thomas Carabine, mother Annie McCrystal...lots of Carabine's in Belfast, originally I believe the name comes from Mayo...very rare name, only 4 in the Toronto Canada Phone book and they are relatives...we also lived in Bray Co Wicklow Ireland...any information on other carabines would be appreciated. Great Site.......
Canada 09/05/2005 19:51:22
I am interested to know how the babies love books scheme is going as I work for Craigmillar Books for Babies in Edinburgh Scotland

Hope it is still going strong keep up the good work!
Scotland 02/05/2005 19:23:14
BFEENEY@MAYOCOCO.IE 28/03/2005 17:58:24
I think the library is very good and have a great selection of books
24/03/2005 16:44:49
I came over to Mayo between 14-18 Mar 05 to do a little research into various family matters and also some of the local history of Charlestown. Time has beaten me on the history element of my trip but I hope to be able to conduct more investigations on my return to the UK. I should say I found the staff at the Charlestown branch exremely friendly and helpful. Edward Kilroy, Eton, Berkshire.
Ireland(Mayo) 16/03/2005 16:52:51
i just wanna say all the libraries here in mayo are great & the site is fab 2!! :)
12/03/2005 14:51:23
I'm preparing to lead a book discussion on The Time Traveler's Wife and found your site that way. Very impressive list of book club books you've been reading.
USA 10/03/2005 23:48:43
I think the website is brilliant as are all

facilities provided by MCL.
Ireland(Mayo) 02/03/2005 13:56:46
What on line services do you offer?
Ireland(Mayo) 27/02/2005 21:51:53
Hello! I'm just browsing. My maiden name is Mayo, and not very common here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Some day I hope to visit Ireland and County Mayo in particular.
Canada 27/02/2005 03:11:59
hi i am researhing my family tree, and think my ancestors may have been from county mayo. My great great grandfathers name was Michael Carabine born in 1841. The family moved to England between 1841 and 1865. Do you know of any websites that could help me with my search


mrs julie nesbitt (carabine)

48 Tyne View


Tyne & Wear

NE31 1EA

Ireland(Mayo) 31/01/2005 12:15:29
Great service for all on our doorstep! More should be made aware of the benefits of the

Ireland(Mayo) 08/12/2004 19:37:08
I find the library very useful. There is a great variety of books available. Our librarian Christine is always so helpful and pleasant at all times.
Ireland(Mayo) 16/11/2004 15:52:11

I am a Librarian Trainee in a public library in New York. I've been to Ireland (Co. Mayo included) twice and fell in love with it. I was just curious about how an American would become qualified to work in Ireland, I will be ALA acredited and finished with school in the spring of 2005.

Thanks, Dana
Ireland(Mayo) 12/11/2004 19:16:04
me again i would like to say that this is a great libaryand i love coming here mayos great up kiltmagh libary
Ireland(Mayo) 13/10/2004 18:56:44
ithink that libarys are good but sometimes they dont have the books you want
Ireland(Mayo) 13/10/2004 18:53:15
I would like to be able to request a book using the inter library option

I am looking for 2 books

Optimal Thinking ISBN: 0471414646


Business Improving Performace

ISBN: 0787900907

Thank you

Paul Harte
Ireland(Mayo) 27/09/2004 14:51:37
Message for Jim Waldron, Haverhill. MA.from Local Studies section in Castlebar Library.

Your full email address was not on your message in our library guestbook. Please let us have your full email address and we will respond to your query.
Ireland(Mayo) 21/09/2004 10:33:41
I wonder if there is anything about Castlebar town and the Settlements in the town.
15/09/2004 15:26:46
I am interested in securing a copy of a treatise entitled "Law Conflict & Social Order County Mayo 1820-1845" by Desmond McCabe.

I would appreciate any advice.

I will be in Castlebar in November

Thank you Jim Waldron, Haverhill, MA USA
jflemingwaldron 15/09/2004 13:43:33
great website
Ireland(Mayo) 11/09/2004 14:43:27
I think that this library is fantastic and is an honour to Mayo.
United Kingdom 30/08/2004 14:06:22
I was wondering if you have anything on geneagoly.for the families of Conroy/Costello who lived in Nympfield, Mayo.

They are my husband great grand parents and trying to learn something about them and their children. I know the g.g.father had a brother Maritn wife Kate. They all seem to have died around the same time, trying to find the cemetery. Feb 1885 & June/July 1884. Brothers died within week of one another & the wives within a month.Where would I get this information. Appreciate any and all help I can get. Thank you in advance

Lorraine C
Ireland(Mayo) 28/08/2004 22:48:44
MGBADAIBUSA@YAHOO.COM 26/08/2004 18:05:06
brilliant web-site
Ireland(Mayo) 19/08/2004 23:03:20
very good and interesting
08/07/2004 10:10:50
This is a lovely libary and has great facilities!!
Ireland(Mayo) 29/06/2004 17:28:24
I think you should set up a service where a person can check if a certain book is avaliable in the library. For example in Cork there was a computer for this purpose
Ireland(Mayo) 22/06/2004 14:31:41
Nice website
Ireland(Mayo) 16/06/2004 16:45:43
I never fully thanked you for all the help you gave me when I visited in 2002. I particularly remember Ms. Costello's kindness and thank her especially.

Thomas Flatley, whose parents emigrated in the 1920's from Swinford and Falleens.

United States 20/05/2003
I live in the New York City area, where or how can I obtain a copy of Rosa Meehan's new book, "The Story of Mayo", I would like to get several copies. Also, I would like to see your photo collection on-line and wonder if you would like to add local history photographs from family and/or personal collections. Lastly, it would be great if you could make more parish records available to the public. I'm especially interested in Keelogues parish records.

Thank You

Michael Lavin
Ireland(Mayo) 20/05/2003
think the website is easy to use,full of information and very only problem is im trying to trace my irish relatives and have seen your geneology services[which are brimming with information]i would like to access the irish census's but it doesnt appear i can do that from the internet access...i wish i could visit mayo but thats not an option at this you offer any help for people like myself??would love to hear back if thats possible.regards cherie whitbread.
Ireland(Mayo) 20/05/2003
Great library here,only thing is you don't seem to get new fiction book in the young adult section very often-and thats the reason I come here,and I;ve semmed to have read all the books yhat interests me.other than that very impressive

Ireland(Mayo) 20/05/2003
it graet that you can go on the intrenet for free.
I was checking out your website for reviews of child-

ren's books and think it is really great. One of your links on what everyone should read (on the kids zone) links to girlie magazines which covers Cosmopolitan and others - I'm not sure if this is the intended link or if the subject of the site is different since you last checked - it is an i-something. Thought you'd want to know. Thank you.
Ireland(Mayo) 20/05/2003
I am researching the Kellys/Grogans/McGarrys of Ballyhaunis.

Kathleen Kelly Purcell

E. Falmouth, Massachusetts
Ireland(Mayo) 20/05/2003
the liabary is a great place to sit and relax and use the computers, but you should get more computers, because there is only six and there is loads of people to use them co sometimes you could be waiting days to get time on one if they are all vooked up. thanks a million

yours sincerely

johnfitz9@hotmail/com 20/05/2003
Greeting from America,

Would being willing to help anyone from Ireland to found cousins here in the USA for no charge. Would there be anyone willing to help me for the same.Looking in Castlebar, Mayo. God Bless the Irish and all you that read this. Have a great day.
Ireland(Mayo) 20/05/2003
Just forgot to give out my email address . Also I'am looking for the family of Staunton, or Stanton. Domimic was a great Uncle and he was alive in the 1980's. Would anyone happen to have a phone book from that time to look up his address. Thanks so much and I would be glad to help any of you for cousins here in the USA. May God Bless the Irish.
Ireland(Mayo) 20/05/2003
Fantastic easy to use web site. The online catalogue and renew your books system is great. You Kids area is one of the best I've seen. Keep up the great work!!

Mary Loftus,

none 20/05/2003

DECUNISON.IE 20/05/2003
Great site. Are any of the local history materials on line? I'm writing a book on my great granduncle from Islandeady parish.
Ireland(Mayo) 20/05/2003
I think reading the books I get from the libary are very good to read.
United States
Just to say i find the library a brillant service

in Achill and a great variety of books are available

to browse through. Also our librarian Christine is

very obliging and polite especially to the children.
Ireland(Outside Mayo) 20/05/2003
good site
Ireland(Mayo) 20/05/2003

WOW just found you by chance...

Is there any chance that one could do family research through this library ??

Both my parents were born in Mayo,

Dad Patrick Murphy (1898)in Ballyhean and

Mom Mary Anne Gibbons (1900)in Turlough..

Still have many cousins over there however not on line.. Hopefully they will take advantage of your site and the libray computers to keep in touch...

Would love to hear from you and what I may be able to find on line..

Will be visiting Castlebar in September


Ireland(Mayo) 20/05/2003
This facility to use the internet for free and freely is really just brilliant.

I think that local material on businesses,large and small, companies and sole-traders, would be very beneficial to all library users at one time or another.
Ireland(Mayo) 20/05/2003
great site
n/a 20/05/2003
Very nice facilities!
I like the website and I think the book review is the best of all.I like the kids scene and I think it is a good idea to have the guest-book.
Ireland(Mayo) 20/05/2003
the library in kiltimagh is lovrly and warm
Is the wynne photographic collection on line?
Ireland(Outside Mayo) 20/05/2003
I think that it is very good that library members have the use of the internet, as it is very helpful for study and finding out about almost anything.

It is extremely useful for anyone who has not got access to a computer at home.
jayne___geraghty 20/05/2003
Having visited the Local Studies section recently can I congratulate the staff on the assistance given and the wonderful facilities on hand. From my experience of other Co Libraries you are an example of people friendly initiatives.

I am hoping to visit again over the Summer

Good luck in the future.
Ireland(Outside Mayo) 20/05/2003
i think ballina libary should be repainted at the earliest time possible
I think the libraries are brillant, they have loads of new books to read and all the staff are really friendly. You can even go on the internet, which is great if you don't have a computor at home! Keep up the good work!!
Great on-line service, well done.

Have yet to search it fully,but will use it.

Have visited Castlebar Library when home on holiday, and hope to do so several again
United Kingdom
mikewalsh11@hotmail,com 20/05/2003
I am interested in finding my grandparents' birth records, so I have been looking around your website. I am staying in County Clare at present, though we live out in the country about 60 miles from Pittsburgh, PA, USA. With Bush's recent policies, I am starting to consider emigrating from the US.

I (and my family) disagree vehemently with many of his views.
Ireland 20/05/2003
I am always looking for info on my Grandparents, Toolan(Toole) and Murphy, both from Mayo. Anthony Toolan(Toole) born 1847 and Rose Murphy, born 1848. They went to Leeds England where they were married in 1868, had two children and went to the USA about 1873-1876. Rose had cousins named Howard from Leeds. I have been to Mayo twice and love the western part of the country.
United States 20/05/2003
Thank you very much for the use of the computers in the library. It was great being able to be in Ireland and read my email and use the internet. You were very hospitable and kind.
United States 20/05/2003
Just visited your website. It is great, albeit not useful for me living in the States. Keep up the good work...this will be useful and helpful to lots of folks.

Regards...Eileen Tierney (from Carnalecka, Ballinrobe)
Ireland(Mayo) 20/05/2003
I found your site very useful

Bhutan 20/05/2003
My comment is that mobile phones should be banned from public libraries. No exceptions. the ringing is a distraction and the talking is definitely so.!
Ireland(Mayo) 20/05/2003
I'm doing genealogy research on the Mayo family and found my way to your website.
United States 20/05/2003
Since my father was born and reared about three miles outside of Foxford and my wife was born about four miles outside Louisburgh I have great interest in Mayo and visit the area once or twice a year. I read in the Western People that a site is coming: but I could not get it.

I just found this site and I am looking forward to exploring it. Great, great idea
USA 20/05/2003
Just browsing-my gt grandfather came from Co. Mayo
United States 20/05/2003
I am looking for anythin of interest regarding Darby Gill Family. Darby born in Killmane 1792, married Mary Hughes of Killcommon, Co. Mayo. Emigrated to USA abt 1849.
Ireland(Mayo) 20/05/2003
hi. columbus ohio usa
Ireland(Mayo) 20/05/2003
You can make this website updated more frequently because I took out Return of the King Large Print from Castlebar Library Wednesday week ago and it came down to Crossmolina but on this website it said it's still "ON SHELF".Please can you listen to my suggestion and it could save you a lot of time.

Ireland(Mayo) 20/05/2003
A very nice website, although I did not find any information that I was looking for. I am trying to gather some information on my grand parents. My father Patrick, came to the United States when he was 17 years old and did not talk about his life in Ireland very much. He passed a number of years ago and I am trying to gather information on my grand parents and great grand parents. If you have any advice I would appreciate a reply. Thank You,

Thomas Behan
United States 20/05/2003
I think it would be a great idea if you had an advertising link, for castlebar and surrounding town lands, on your web site.
Ireland(Mayo) 20/05/2003
Well done! excellent website very convenient
Ireland(Mayo) 20/05/2003
I worked in a public library for 5 years just as they automated their system and one of the biggest complaints we got is how the website was so hard to understand. I'd say you beat our complaint easily. This site is so well designed and with just the right information available. Very impressive.

It's nice to see more than just a catalog and no other information.
United States 20/05/2003
Nice page, I spend some time watching it. i´ll be back soon.

Argentina 20/05/2003
I love the library and I think its great that so many young people have the chance to read
Ireland(Mayo) 20/05/2003
Just to say Hello. I am an American doing genealogy research on my family Hallinan from Mayo.
United States 05/07/2002 23:18:48
I really appreciate what you have done with the Library...your computer access is invaluable...especially for people who mybe dont have a computer themselves plus oyu stock a wide range of books,from Action to Drama and from horror to Comedy....Keep up the good work!
Ireland(Mayo) 22/06/2002 14:27:09
Keep up the good work
Ireland(Mayo) 12/06/2002 23:09:10
Congratulations on a fabulous Web site. One little suggestion would be to list;GENEALOGY, since it is County Mayo's most important; "Invisible Import"

I am very aware of this since I am a Genealogist, and have been helping people trace their roots for over 40 years, actually since I came to America in 1957.

Genealogy is the #1 Hobby in America. God bless and keep up the good work. P. O

United States 23/05/2002 15:24:22
NONE 22/05/2002 17:10:19
We have three wonderful librarians in the Westport Branch - Helen, Marguerite and Dolores. They are welcoming and so helpful. Thanks for them. Bridget Reilly
Ireland(Mayo) 21/05/2002 11:51:42
I feel that the business area of Castlebar library needs to have more local and national leaflets avaible,At present the range is quiet sparse and although there is a useful management range of books there is little "hands on" or national material avaible
Ireland(Mayo) 23/04/2002 15:03:29
I was looking over your sight to see if I could find anyway to trace my great-grandmother's roots. She was born in Treenduff, Bohola, Mayo, to Patrick Kilgallon and Bridget Noon Kilgallon. I would appreciate any assistance or direction you can give to me.

Thanks, and God bless

Joyce Chabot
Ireland(Mayo) 21/04/2002 18:43:00